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Golden Retriever Characteristics


Golden Retrievers are generally athletic, well balanced and symmetrical in appearance. This is reflected in his cheerful, outgoing nature; In fact, you will not find this dog bad or aggressive. This large breed looks very similar to the yellow Labrador retriever, especially when young. The most obvious difference is that the Golden Retriever's coat is luxurious and turns a golden yellow.

The breed was first developed in the British Isles by Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland. He wanted to produce a perfect dog. He wanted the characteristics of a dog that was intelligent, loyal, charming, sensitive and powerfully built, an agile hunter who could fine waterfowl in extremely wet and cold conditions. The end result was a Golden Retriever. Check out more names here:-

The Golden Retriever has a feathery, medium length, cream to golden coat that can be straight or moderately wavy. They are beautiful, strong and well proportioned dogs. Their coat is water resistant and the undercoat is dense and flat against the belly. It is characterized by a strong, broad head, a wide, powerful snot with a point-to-point taper, and a scissor bite with a pronounced front stop. Black nose and soft black eyes which are brown with dark edges, ears medium sized and pendulous, neck and thighs fleshy and broad chest with long straight tail.

Golden retrievers usually reach their full height by about one year of age and their full weight by the age of two, although their puppy nature can stick with them for the rest of their lives. The standard wither height is about 56 to 61 cm (22 to 24 in) for males and about 51 to 56 cm (20 to 22 in) for females. Weight is about 29–34 kg (65–75 lb) for males and 27–32 kg (60–70 lb) for females.

Today's Golden Retrievers fall into two groups: English and American. This is the only variation in the overall Golden Retriever breed and the only difference is in aesthetic appearance. English dogs are easy to spot because they have a long, light cream colored coat that sometimes looks white. Their bones are large, small and square head/snot. It is more common in Europe. The English Golden Retriever can have a coat of any color of gold or cream, but not red or mahogany. A little white hair on the chest is acceptable.

American Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, vary greatly in coloration. Maintaining the standard of hunting ancestors in their territory, they have a burly appearance characterized by large bodies and long limbs. Their coats are a darker shade of gold than the English golden and are similar to those of the Irish setter.

In general, this dog breed loves to be around people and are happiest when they are around. But being away from human contact or alone for long periods of time, the Golden Retriever can become restless and quite capable of destroying household items. They are known to be enthusiastic and easily distracted.

But because they care for them so much, owners find them to be excellent companions and very easy to train. Many schools choose a Golden Retriever because of the quality of the guide dogs they train. Be happy to have your Golden Retriever puppy with you and you will benefit from obedience training sessions and enjoy your experience with your dog.


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